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SATA HUB Port Multiplier JMB321-SW4 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander, 3.5-in Bay with Switches

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Manufacturer: SATAGear
Barcode: JMB321-SW4
Part Number: JMB321-SW4
Warranty: One Year
In Stock: Yes
Ship Weight: 1 lbs.
Size: 3.5
Compatability: ITEM DESIGNED and Tested with SYSTEM

Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher Item Works with Windows 98Second Edition Item Works with Windows ME Item Works with Windows 2000 Item Works with Windows XP Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher

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Product Description

COOLGear JMB321-SW4 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander, 3.5-in Bay with Switches 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander for Switching 4 Devices On/Off Provides a SATA host to Expand into 4 SATA Device Connectors Built-in High Speed SATA2 Expander Controller On or Off each Drive by the Push Button Switch Supports Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap Feature Supports RAID Feature with SATA2 Host Controller SATA2 Compliant at 1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps Switch Off Power of the Unused Drives to Save the Power Consumption and Put them Off-Line Save the Current Settings by Built-in EEPROM 3.5-inch Bay Form Factor, Easy to Fit in Normal PC Systems Keylock to Prevent from Unauthorized Changing LEDs to Indicate the On/Off Status of each Drive Supports Win2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux INTRODUCTION The JMB321-SW4 1-to-4 SATA2 Expander Switch is designed to provide a high performance link between a single SATA2 host port and 4 SATA device ports. It connects the host upstream port to one of the 4 downstream SATA devices (expand 1 port into 4 ports that can be used at the same time). Each drive can be added or removed by simply pressing the corresponding push button switch. With its Power Switching circuits and hot-plug&hot-swap feature, the JMB321-SW4 can add or remove each drive without turning off the system power. It allows from 1 to 4 drives to be accessed simultaneously. It powers the active devices and cut off the powers of the inactive devices. This will reduce the power consumption and make sure those devices are true off line to prevent from any accidental erasing data by virus or application software. The JMB321-SW4 provides a keylock switch to prevent from any unauthorized changing the settings. It helps home of school users to manage the devices easily. The JMB321-SW4 is designed for optimum performance and expandability and security. It is an ideal upgrade solution to support SATA and SATA2 devices for the rapidly changing data to preserve users investment in the SATA interface. SPECIFICATIONS Serial ATA Interface Expands 1 Upstream to 4 downstream SATA2 Ports Save the Settings by the Built-in EEPROM. Provides a Keylock Switch to Prevent from any Unauthorized Changing the Settings Each Drive Can be Switched On or Off to Put them either Online or Offline state 4 LEDs Indicate the State of the 4 Drivers Supports RAID with a SATA RAID Host Controller Supports Hot-Plug and Hot Swap Feature Supports Serial ATA devices with up to 1.5Gb/s or 3.0Gb/s Transfer Rate Standard 3.5-inch Bay Form Factor, Easy to Install for Most of the PCs Serial ATA Devices Supports any Serial ATA devices: Hard drives, Removable HDD, and more coming devices such as CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, Tape, IOMEGA, LS-120, DVD-ROM, PD, & I/O Hardware 1 Host and 4 Device 7-pin SATA Connectors 1 Input and 4 Output Power Connectors OS Support Supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Windows 7,Vista, Mac OS and Linux Form Factor 3.43x2.65(8.71 x 6.73cm) Spec Sheet User Guide

Important Technical Information:
SATA Hard Drive Switch with Full Speed SATA II 3Gbps Support, Keylock and LEDs

usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source